Jewish Studies Minor

** Important Announcement to Students for Spring 2021 **

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The minor in JEWISH STUDIES offers students the opportunity explore the history, literature, religion, and social institutions of the Jewish people from its inception to the present.
  • The program is designed to be of interest to students with diverse interests and fields of concentration.
  • The study of Jewish society and culture can enhance one's understanding of European or American society and culture.
  • Students of psychology and sociology will find that Jewish Studies contributes to their understanding of such issues as prejudice and anti-Semitism, assimilation, and religious-cultural pluralism.
  • The study of Jewish religion and philosophy brings one face to face with such problems as God, religious faith and doubt, moral responsibility, evil and human suffering.
  • Studying Judaism introduces the student of literature to a broad sample of diverse literary forms and themes from diverse periods and cultural settings.


A minimum of sixteen credit hours is required. A maximum of eight credit hours of Hebrew may be counted. Other courses not listed below may apply including courses taught through the Lehigh-in-Israel program (Archaeology and the Bible in the Land of Israel, or Israel Today: Culture, Politics, Religion) or new courses offered by Jewish Studies faculty and visiting faculty.

Students may declare a minor as early as the end of their freshman year.  It is not necessary to complete the required credits before filling out the docusign minor declaration form or
minor drop form.  Students should coordinate their minor program with Professor Hartley Lachter, 31 WIlliams Hall, Room 189, 610-758-2130.


ENGL - Jewish Literature Courses
HEBR 1 - Elementary Modern Hebrew I (4)
HEBR 2 - Elementary Modern Hebrew II (4)
HEBR11 - Intermediate Modern Hebrew I (4)
HEBR 12 - Intermediate Modern Hebrew II (4)
HEBR151 - Hebrew Special Topics I (4)
HEBR 152 - Hebrew Special Topics II ($0

PHIL/REL 129 - Jewish Philosophy (4)
PHIL 133 - Medieval Philosophy (4)

REL 73 - Jewish Tradition (4)
REL 111 - Jewish Scriptures/Old Testament (4)
REL112 - Beginnings of Judaism and Jewish Origins: Jewish Diversity in the Greco-Roman World (4)
REL 120 - Newish Jewish: New Forms of Judaism in North America (4)
REL 121 - Sources for the Life and Jesus: Jewish and Christian Context (4)
REL 132 - Hasidic Tales (4)
REL/WS 138 - Women in Jewish History (4)
REL 139 - Jewish Folklore (4)
REL 152 - American Judaism (4)
REL/HIST 154 - The Holocaust: History and Meaning (4)
REL 174 - Contemporary Theology (4)
REL 230 - Kabbalah: The Jewish Mystical Tradition (4)
REL 231 - Classic Jewish Texts (4) 
REL 371 - Directed Readings (1-4)

REL 097-10 Jewish Mysticism (4)
REL 111-10 Jewish Scriptures / Old Testament (4)
PHIL, REL129-10 Jewish Philosophy (4)
REL 174-10 Contemporary Theology (4)
SSP, GS 197-10 Jewish Community and Identity in Contemporary Society (4)
REL 371-10 Directed Readings (1-4)
HEBR 002-10 Elementary Modern Hebrew II (4)
HEBR 152-10 Hebrew Special Topics II (4)

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